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Uses for Sweet Dandelion Persian Spice (Advieh Berenj)

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Sweet Dandelion Persian Spice (Advieh Berenj) blend has some common ingredients with garam masala, but it is actually milder, a bit sweeter, and not spicy at all

Try a teaspoon in your chicken and rice dish.

Sprinkle on salads or on a roasted winter squash

Put a pinch on an omelet or frittata

Adds a unique depth of flavor to steamed white rice or to rice pilafs

Sprinkle a small amount on your chicken, beef or lamb dishes before grilling!

Try it in your soup or stew

(Especially a bean stew) yum!

two jars of Sweet Dandelion Persian spice, one jar is leaning againt the other jar
Sweet Dandelion Persian Spice


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