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Brewing Tea
Sweet Dandelion, llc

We create wonderful handcrafted  teas, herbal teas & seasoning blends without fillers, anticaking agents, or artificial ingredients.

Every ingredient is sourced from certified companies with ethical & responsible practices, that look to sustainability & have a passion for the future of organic & wildcrafted herbs, spices, & botanicals.

Having said that, please
store your blends & teas away from direct sunlight & the heat from your stove, if you notice your spices clumping,
just give them a shake!
Sweet Dandelion logo
Natural Herbs
Sweet Dandelion owner, Lisa

Let me Introduce

Hi, I'm Lisa, owner, of Sweet Dandelion.

I began ​Sweet Dandelion in 2019 with my desire to create and share seasoning, tea and herbal tea blends that embrace the joy of making fun, wonderful meals with pure, clean, simple ingredients and to offer a refreshing alternative to coffee and soda.

I enjoy creating fun and quirky meals. I don’t know about you, but I like having music playing in the background while cooking. A little dash of this, maybe a sprinkle of that…ahhhh, the smells coming out of the kitchen or the grill! 

I also enjoy sitting in the mornings watching the sun come up with a nice hot cup of tea and enjoying one of my iced tea or herbal teas throughout the day. So many options! 

It is my sincere wish that Sweet Dandelion blends, teas, and herbal teas bring amazing flavor, a sense of fun, and a creative adventure to your kitchen and grill. 

Thank you,


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