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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to commonly asked questions. 
If you can’t find the answers you’re looking for, please reach out -I am always ready to help.

Herbs and Spices
Natural Herbs

Why are my seasoning blends clumpping?

All Sweet Dandelion seasoning blends are handcrafted without fillers, anti-caking agents, or artificial ingredients. Please shake your blends frequently.

What are the black specks in my Madagascar Vanilla Extract

Our Vanilla Extract is made with Madagascar Vanilla Beans. The flecks are tiny seeds that line the vanilla bean pod.

Herbs and Spices

How do I store my seasoning blends?

Store Sweet Dandelion Seasoning blends out of direct sunlight, away from any type of moisture and, preferably in a dark area, such as a pantry away from cooking surfaces.

Does it help to refrigerate seasoning blends?

A refrigerator contains a slight humid environment which could alter the flavor of our seasoning blends

Powders and Grains
Citrus Fruits

How long will my seasoning blends remain fresh?

Since our seasoning blends are pure with no preservatives, fillers, "other natural flavors", anti-caking agents, or other nonsence, we add a "best by" date to ensure freshness before purchase. 

To extend the life of our seasoning blends, keep them out of direct sunlight, away from moisture, and preferably in a dark area. 

Why don't you call your herbal teas "tisanes" or "infusions"?

The terms tisane and infusion are generally more common among herbalists. I have found that most tea drinkers understand the term herbal tea over tisane or infusion. 

Herbal Treatment

Can you drink your teas and herbal teas as iced tea?


Our teas are well suited hot or iced. We even have a few blends that are wonderful made into popcicles.

We encourage creativity

My order has arrived damaged

Please contact us, include pictures of damaged product and packaging

My Order has not arrived

Please wait 5-10 business days from shipping.

If your order has not arrived within 10 business days from shipping, please contact us. Please include order number.

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