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Sweet Dandelion - the beginning to present

​Sweet Dandelion, llc - established in 2019

In 2017, I developed a naturalistic and wholesome mindset to begin working on a healthier lifestyle. Researching product labeling, I found a dissatisfaction with the wording "natural Ingredients", "natural flavor", "artificial flavor", and the generic term "spices". Unfortunately, I found that even though "natural flavors and ingredients" come from natural sources, they often contain artificial and synthetic chemicals added during the manufacturing process. With the help of my husband Raymond and my desire to create pure, handcrafted seasoning and tea blends without fillers, anticaking agents, or artificial ingredients, Sweet Dandelion was born. Beginning with a few select blends and extracts I was able to set up at vendor events and had my products featured at a local gift store.

In June of 2021 Sweet Dandelion Gift Shop opened in Mercersburg to showcase Sweet Dandelion products and to give artisans and artists a local venue to show and sell their crafts. Sweet Dandelion product line lists over 27 seasoning blends and 33 teas and syrup mixes. Sweet Dandelion products bring a sense of fun and a creative adventure to your kitchen, grill, and fire pit. Find us online at, at Sweet Dandelion Gift Shop in Mercersburg, Branded Meats and Deli in Greencastle, Breadbasket Bakery in Shippensburg or as a retailer on Faire.


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