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Easy Chili Burger Casserole

Updated: Jul 29, 2023

Do you ever have those days when time seems to just slip by unnoticed? Before you know it supper time has creeped up and.....nothing... an ongoing battle in my house.

This quick and easy chili burger casserole is fun, delicious, and perfect for people like me who can't seem to plan a meal. Our Chili Seasoning with it's roasted and smoked flavor is perfect for this dish.

Using one skillet makes clean up simple.

You can make this with any veggie in your fridge. Please note: if you add carrots, please add them when you add the potatoes and onion.


1-2 lb package of ground beef (we use 90% lean)

3-4 TBSP Sweet Dandelion Chili Seasoning

1 onion

2 potatoes- diced

Broccoli Florets- substitute any veggie you want

Cauliflower- substitute any veggie you want

1 Tomato-fresh or 1/4 cup canned, drained

Grated cheese- I used what I had on hand, mozzarella


*Start by browning your ground beef in your favorite cast iron.

*Season with Sweet Dandelion Chili Seasoning

*As the ground beef is cooking on low, dice the potatoes and onion. Throw in the skillet with the ground beef and stir.

*Simmer until ground beef is done and potatoes start to get soft.

*Add broccoli, cauliflower, and tomatoes, stir. (Or whatever you have)

*Cook another 5 minutes.

*Place grated cheese on top. Turn on broiler and Place skillet in the oven.

*Broil until cheese is melted.

TaDa!!! Yum!

Sweet Dandelion seasoning blends have no fillers, anti-caking agents or "other natural ingredients". We prefer using organic ingredients.

Easy Chili Buger Casserole
Easy Chili Burger Casserole
Easy Chili Burger Casserole
Easy Chili Burger Casserole


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