Created by Sweet Dandelion and The Suflower Shoppe, Uplifts began with the idea that our lives, like the sunflower and dandelion, are beautiful, vibrant, strong and delicate. Full of dreams, wishes, wonder and love. Always giving with a tenacity to thrive.

As you open this box, our hope is that you get the feeling of looking upon the sunny face of the sunflower or holding that delicate dandelion before making a wish. For that moment your spirit is uplifted and a small smile touches your face.

Each box  contains lovely, simple, heartwarming items such as tea tins, candles, seasonings along with other miscellaneous hand selected, and  handcrafted items for a  sweet lighthearted gift for yourself or someone in need of a little uplift. 

Uplifts Subscription Box

  • Uplifts will be mailed by the 2nd week of every month for the duration of the subscription order (for example: if an order is placed on October 15th for a 3 month subscription, the orders will ship by the 2nd week of November, December, and January)

  • *One time subscription of $48

    *3 Month Subscription- $4 off regular price per month for a one time payment of $132

    *6 Month Subscription- $8 of regular price per month for a one time payment of $240