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Sweet Dandelion Lemon Pepper blend has a lovely citrus tang and a zingy peppery flavor. A favorite for all things chicken

and fish. Add a punch of flavor to your roasted veggies, salads, dips, and sandwiches.

Instantly season rice, beans, and soups.



Add this fun seasoning to any kind of cooked meat: steak, chicken, beef, fish, seafood, etc.

Sprinkle some over steamed vegetables, potatoes, or popcorn. 

Add some to melted butter and drizzle it over your food like corn

Use it in place of regular pepper for your marinades and salad dressings to add more flavor and depth.

It is also awesome in rice, soup, pasta, and potato dishes

2.5oz (71g)

Lemon Pepper

  • *Lemon Peel, *Black Pepper, Sea Salt, *Thyme, *Garlic, *Onion


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