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Sweet Dandelion Fire Cider mix has all the goodness of fire cider in a dry mix. Easy to store in the pantry and ready to make when you are ready!

You can take our Fire cider straight by the spoonful, add it to organic veggie juice (throw in some olives and pickles for a non-alcoholic, healthy bloody mary!).  Drizzled on a salad with good olive oil or splash it in fried rice. The left over strained pulp can be mixed with shredded veggies like carrots, cabbage, broccoli. Mke spring rolls or add to coleslaw, the choices are endless.


This bag makes enough for two quart jars

Supplies: 32 oz Organic/Raw Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) 1/2 cup local honey, quart jar + lid (preferably plastic), mesh strainer/cheesecloth, glass bowl


How to: Place 1/4 cup of dry ingredients into a clean glass quart jar Add 4 cups Apple Cider Vinegar (Organic/Raw) to dry ingredients Seal jar tightly with plastic lid or place parchment paper under metal lid to prevent corrosion. Shake well. Shake daily for 2 weeks, taste. Need it spicier? Infuse 2 more weeks Carefully strain Cider into glass bowl, using a fine mesh strainer or cheesecloth At this point, add honey to strained Cider, start with 1/2 cup, stir, add more to taste (optional) Pour Fire Cider into a clean glass jar, seal, label with date Keep in a dark location, use within 1 year. 4 oz (113g)

Fire Cider Mix

  • onion, garlic, ginger root, astragalus root, rosemary, orange peel, turmeric root, chili pepper flakes, star anise,peppercorn mix (pink, white, green, black)

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